The Midnight Club – Ep 5: See You Later

The only way to win is not to play.

The PikeCast continues their watchthrough of Netflix's The Midnight Club series by Mike Flanagan based on the works of Christopher Pike. This week is Episode 5: See You Later.

Ilonka gives Anya CPR, reviving her. Ilonka reads the book, which is a diary written by Athena, a survivor of Paragon. Paragon, a health cult founded by Athena's mother Aceso in 1931, practiced five-goddess worship and blood sacrifice, and culminated in a group murder-suicide orchestrated to extend Aesco's lifespan. Ilonka thinks that Julia read Athena's diary and found a way to cure her cancer. Ilonka has another vision of old Brightcliffe and follows the old woman through the halls into the library, where she bumps into Kevin. At Midnight Club, Spencer tells everyone about the intercom voice, and Amesh tells a story about a gamer who's invited to play a seemingly unwinnable war game. Anya confesses to Ilonka that she's scared of the shadow, which makes Ilonka more determined to find a cure.

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