The Midnight Club – Ep 10: Midnight

You can all die now.

The PikeCast concludes their watchthrough of Netflix's The Midnight Club series by Mike Flanagan based on the works of Christopher Pike. This week is Episode 10: Midnight.

Dr. Stanton interrupts the ritual, saving Ilonka and the other women's lives, but Shasta escapes. Ilonka realizes that Shasta tried to use her for a murder-suicide ritual that Shasta was hoping would extend her own lifespan. Dr. Stanton believes that in the past, Shasta/Julia's cancer spontaneously regressed, but Shasta attributed it to magic instead of luck, and she is trying to do the ritual again because cancer returned. Ilonka finally starts to accept her impending death. Sandra goes home after tearful goodbyes to her friends. Amesh starts seeing the shadow following him. Spencer's mother visits him on Family Day. Kevin breaks up with his girlfriend in order to pursue a relationship with Ilonka. Ilonka discovers that Anya's broken ballerina statue has become whole again; she reports this to the Midnight Club, who tentatively take this as a sign from Anya. Kevin finishes his story about the teenage serial killer, and Ilonka finishes her story about the witch, with the rest of the Midnight Club helping her tell the ending. The episode ends with the reveal that the old man and woman Ilonka and Kevin have been seeing are the original founders of the Brightcliffe building and that Dr. Stanton has a tattoo of the five-goddess cult.

Be sure to check out Mike Flanagan's tumblr post about the plans for Season 2.

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