The Immortal by Christopher Pike

Yes, Have a Murder Burger!

Christopher Pike superfan Danielle Sepulveres joins us again to discuss a novel rife with horniness, boyfriend stealing, gods and goddesses, and screenplays that are startling reminiscent of other Christopher Pike books, for 1993's The Immortal

The ancient artifact was cursed.

Josie is on vacation in Greece with her father, his new girlfriend, and her best friend. While visiting the sacred island of Delos, she accidentally stumbles upon an ancient artifact—a tiny statue of a Goddess. Immediately Josie is enchanted by the statue and she takes it with her when she leaves the island.

Then the trouble starts. A guy takes her for a boat ride and she is almost killed. Then the image of the Goddess begins to haunt her dreams. The Goddess wants something from Josie that she doesn't want to give.

The immortal wants to be mortal.

The Goddess wants Josie's life.

Freelance writer mostly covering entertainment, pop culture, women's health and relationships. A Christopher Pike superfan who thinks about Whisper of Death and Remember Me at least twice a week. Loves TV, movies and baseball, specifically the Mets. Is on a lifelong quest to bring back the VH-1 show Pop-Up Video.

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