Final Friends 3: The Graduation by Christopher Pike

Why didn’t you tell us something actually happens in this book? Wait…Katie did!

Katie Lilly, the artist behind The Haunted Outfit, returns to wrap The Final Friends trilogy up with 1989’s Part 3: The Graduation. It’s immediately evident to all of us that Pike saved all his action and intrigue for this final book for some reason, and both Cooper and Cassie are surprised by how much they enjoyed the close of this trilogy.

It was his last chance to find the answer.

The last day of school had finally arrived, six months after the homecoming dance and the ruin of a princess, and nine months after the big party and the death of an angel. It is to be a busy day; there is the graduation ceremony in the afternoon in the football stadium, and then the senior all-night party aboard a cruise ship heading to Catalina.

But for Michael Olson, it is not a time to celebrate. It is a day to finish an investigation that may cost him his life. It is also a final chance to let the girl of his dreams, Jessica Hart, know his feelings for her.

But the last day will not last long enough.

For Michael or Jessica.

The cruise ship will never reach its destination.

The truth will turn out to be a lie.

Katie is the artist behind The Haunted Outfit, an Instagram creative project where she draws characters from retro teen horror books wearing outfits as described straight from the text. She also has a new podcast called Super Chillers that reviews books from RL Stine, Point Horror, and other scary teen literature.

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  • So pleased to listen to this final episode covering the trilogy and that The Graduation redeemed your opinion of it! I knew you would come through as semi-fans in the end, even Cassie. I still have to emphasise though, that to European fans across the pond the whole trilogy was cat-nip to those hankering to know more about high-school life in the U.S, exaggerated as it is in these books.

    p.s. Will you be covering See You Later any time soon??


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